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The following is a list of banana cultivar groups. Almost all modern edible banana and plantain cultivars are hybrids and polyploids of the wild, seeded bananas Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. They are almost always seedless (parthenocarpic) and hence sterile, so they are propagated vegetatively. They are classified according to a genome-based system introduced by Ernest Cheesman, Norman Simmonds, and Ken Shepherd.

A’ refers to the genotype of Musa acuminata, while ‘B’ represents the genotype of Musa balbisiana. Repetition of any of these genotypes represents polyploidy, while a mixture of both represents hybridization. Polyploids of Musa acuminata are usually dessert bananas while polyploids of Musa balbisiana and hybrids of the two are usually plantains or cooking bananas.[1][2][3][4]

AA group

  • Diploid Musa acuminata Wild banana
  • Chingan banana
  • Lacatan banana
  • Lady Finger banana (Sugar banana)
  • Pisang jari buaya (Crocodile fingers banana)
  • Señorita banana (Monkoy, Arnibal banana, Cuarenta dias, Cariñosa, Pisang Empat Puluh Hari, Pisang Lampung)
  • Sinwobogi banana

AAA group

  • Triploid Musa acuminata Wild banana
  • Cavendish banana (Dwarf Cavendish banana)
  • Dwarf Red banana
  • Giant Cavendish banana (Williams)
  • Gros Michel banana
  • Grand Nain (Chiquita banana)
  • Masak Hijau banana
  • Red banana (Red Dacca banana)
  • Robusta banana
  • East African Highland bananas (AAA-EA subgroup)

AAAA group

  • Tetraploid Musa acuminata Wild banana
  • Bodles Altafort banana
  • Golden Beauty banana

AAAB group

  • Atan banana
  • Goldfinger banana

AAB group

  • Black French banana
  • Bungaoisan banana
  • Celat banana
  • Dwarf French plantain
  • French plantain
  • Giant banana
  • Green French banana
  • Laknao banana
  • Latundan banana (Silk banana, Apple banana)
  • Maqueño banana
  • Mysore banana
  • Pink French banana
  • Pisang Seribu
  • Pome banana
  • Popoulu banana
  • Prata-anã (Dwarf Brazilian banana, Dwarf Prata)
  • Red plantain
  • Rhino Horn banana
  • Tiger banana

AABB group

  • Kalamagol banana
  • Pisang Awak (Ducasse banana)

AB group

  • Ney Poovan banana

ABB group

  • Blue Java banana (Ice Cream banana)
  • Bluggoe banana
  • Saba banana
  • Silver Bluggoe banana

ABBB group

  • Tiparot banana

BB group

  • Diploid Musa balbisiana Wild banana

BBB group

  • Triploid Musa balbisiana Wild banana
  • Cardaba (Wild Saba banana)


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