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Beauty of Bath is a dessert apple cultivar.

It was propagated in 1864 by George Cooling [1][2]and awarded an RHS First class Certificate in 1887[1].

Beauty of Bath is a very early dessert apple usually cropping in August but can crop as early as July (e.g. in 2011) or last into September. It bruises easily leading to brown rot so is best picked by hand. Fruits do drop early by themselves often when not completely ripe. Traditionally straw was placed under the trees to lessen damage to falling fruit.[1][2]

The fruit is sharp at first but sweetens later, the flesh is white but sometimes has a red flush under the skin (approximately 20% occurrence noticed in 2011 in one orchard).

The tree is in flowering group 2 with pale pink blossom and medium to large, blue green, leaves.

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