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The Belle de Boskoop is a variety of apple which, as its name suggests, originated in Boskoop, Holland where it began as a chance seedling in 1856.

There are many variants: Boskoop red, yellow or green. This rustic apple, firm, tart and fragrant is available from November to February. Greenish-gray tinged with red, the apple is as much appreciated to munch as it stands up well to cooking. The Belle de Boskoop contains more than twice the vitamin C than Golden Delicious.[citation needed]


The apple tree appreciates the wetlands and is very strong but can not stand the frost (fruits tend to burst).

The cultivar supports all types of rootstocks, but is of poor pollen quality because it is a triploid apple tree will therefore cultivate a variety compatible as James Grieve, Melba or Reine des Reinette.

Harvesting takes place in mid-October and the apple stores well as it can be used from November to March.

Not recommended in dry soils. Last result sometimes difficult and alternating strong.

Written on April 24th, 2012 , Fruits

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