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The Bishop’s Crown or Christmas Bell, is a pepper, a variety of the species Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum.[1] It is named for its distinct three-sided shape resembling a Bishop’s Crown.[2]

Although this variety can be found in Barbados,[2] and is actually part of the species Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum. [1] it may be indigenous to South America. Today, it is also found in Europe, possibly brought there from Brazil by the Portuguese sometime in the 18th century.[1]

The actual plant is relatively large, being 3 to 4 feet in height. It produces 30 to 50 peculiar, 3 or 4 flat-winged, wrinkled pods. These somewhat flying saucer-like peppers grow to approximately 1.5 inches wide.[1]

The flesh inside each pepper is thin, yet crisp. They mature to red from a pale green colour about 90-100 days after the seedlings emerge.[1]

The body of the peppers have very little heat, with the wings being sweet and mild.[1]

Other names

This pepper has numerous common names, some of which are shared by other varieties of the species.[1]

  • Balloon pepper
  • Pimenta Cambuci
  • Campane
  • Peri Peri
  • Ubatuba Cambuci
  • Aji Flor
  • Orchid
  • Christmas Bell

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