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Blood limes are a hybrid citrus fruit developed by the CSIRO project to investigate salt-resistant crops. While the limes proved unsuitable for high-salt conditions, they have seen some commercial development; the first commercial crop appeared in markets in Australia in July 2004, and are under consideration for export.

The blood lime is smaller than most limes, approximately 4 cm long by 2 cm diameter, and somewhat more sweet (and some people might find it more tasty) than the standard. The flesh inside a blood lime is red, and the skin is normally too- but sometimes the skin is green like the standard lime.

The blood lime is a cross between the red finger lime (Citrus australasica var. sanguinea) and the Ellendale Mandarin. The Ellendale Mandarin is an orange/mandarin hybrid. [1] The tree may be planted as an ornamental tree.

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