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Campari is a variety of tomato, noted for its juiciness, high sugar level, low acidity, and lack of mealiness. Camparis are deep red and larger than a cherry tomato, but smaller and rounder than a plum tomato.


The campari cultivar is a globe-shaped hybrid, with regular leaves, and exhibits resistance to the tobacco mosaic virus. The plant grows 6–8 feet (1.8–2.4 m), and matures in 69–80 days.[1]


They are originally from Europe; the European seed variety has been used to introduced them to North America beginning in 1996. The first group to do so was Houweling Nurseries in 1996.[2]

Maturity 80 days
Type Hybrid
Vine Indeterminate
Plant height 9 feet
Fruit Weight medium
Leaf regular leaf
Resist. T
Color Bicolor: Red
Shape globe
Written on June 4th, 2012 , Food Crops

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