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Celtis timorensis, commonly known as Stinkwood or Stinking Wood is a species of flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family. The specific epithet comes from the name of the island of Timor, the locality of the type collection.[2]


Celtis timorensis is a large forest tree growing to 25 m in height. The wood has a strong foetid smell, because of the presence of skatole. The oblate to oblong, strongly 3-veined leaves are 50–130 mm in length. Although the tree resembles Cinnamomum iners in its 3-veined leaves, it can easily be distinguished by its serrated leaf margins. The seed, protected by the 7–11 mm long fruit’s hard and durable endocarp, is dispersed by water.[2]

Distribution and habitat

The tree is found across the southern and south-eastern Asian regions, from India and Sri Lanka, through Indo-China, southern China and Malesia to the Philippines. It occurs on Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the north-eastern Indian Ocean, where it forms about 1% of the primary rainforest canopy.[2]

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