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Corypha utan (also known as Corypha elata), more commonly known as Gebang Palm, or Cabbage Palm is a large imposing fan palm that reaches up to 20 m high with palm fronds between 4m and 6 m across, growing in areas from India through to the Philippines, down to Australia’s Cape York Peninsula[1].

These palms (like all Corypha) only flower towards the end of their lifetime, but when they do flower they send up a massive inflorescence up to 5m high, and with up to 1 million flowers [1].

Growing along watercourses, floodplains and grasslands, the Palm and Cycad Socieites of Australia write about the Corypha utan palms occurring in Cape York:

Corypha utan .. is undoubtedly one of the most imposing species in the Australian palm flora (with its massive pachycaul trunks and hapaxanthic flowering and fruiting extravaganza. [2]

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