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Cycas circinalis, also known as the Queen Sago, is a type of cycad that was thought to be linked with the degenerative disease Lytico-Bodig disease on the island of Guam; however, the species native to Guam has since been recognised as a separate species, Cycas micronesica, by K.D. Hill in 1994.

Cycas circinalis is the only gymnosperm species found among native Sri Lankan flora.

The seed is poisonous. The potent poison in the seeds is removed by soaking the seeds in water. Water from the first seed-soaking will kill birds, goats, sheep and hogs. Water from the following soakings is said to be harmless.

After the final soaking, the seeds are dried and ground into flour. The flour is used to make highly acclaimed tortillas, tamales, soup and porridge. It is highly medicinal in value.

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