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Dundicut peppers are a variety of small, round (approx. 1/2″ to 1″ diameter), dark red chili peppers grown in Pakistan. They are a cultivar of either Capsicum frutescens[1] or Capsicum annuum[2] and are also known in Asia as lal┬ámirch.[1] Sold dried,”[1] Dundicuts are similar in size and flavor to Scotch bonnet peppers, but are not as hot, and are of a different species. According to a major U.S. commercial spice vendor, dundicuts are “quite hot, with a full-bodied, complex flavor. A single crushed pepper will add heat and flavor to a dish for two.”[3] The heat rating for Dundicuts, as measured in Scoville Units, ranges from as low as 30,000[4] to a high of 65,000.[3]

Dundicuts are a common ingredient in parrot food.[5][6]

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