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Garden Peach Tomatoes are a cultivar of tomato, native South American fruit mainly from Peru, where they are known as Coconas. Its small, bright yellow fruit is the standard globe shape of tomato. With its yellow coloring, blushing vaguely pink mottling when very ripe, and fuzzy skin, it resembles a peach. This cultivar is also extremely prolific. It is rich in iron and vitamin B5. The plant grows naturally between 200 and 1,000 metres from Colombia to Ecuador and PerĂº.

Studies have shown they may lower cholesterol when eaten, or their juice drunk, regularly, similar to oranges or orange juice, but with a greater effect[citation needed].

This heirloom is colored exactly like a peach and has a sweet mild flavor. Fruits are 2-4 oz. and perfect for salads. The vines are prolific and very easy to grow in poor soil. Garden Peaches have soft skins and mature in 65 days on average. They are suited to containers.

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    Dailismar commented

    It is nice to grow your own tomatoes. My nuembr one reason for growing them is that I eat them everyday and they are expensive! (at least the kind I like)So the tomatoes above are orange heirloom cherry tomatoes, yellow heirloom pear tomatoes and the rogue red (plum? or campari?) tomatoes. If you remember in this post: I have no idea where those red tomatoes came from, they just popped up in the garden!I also have san marzano tomatoes, roma and black heirloom tomatoes growing.

    22 June 2012 at 16:20

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