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The Hainan Yellow Lantern Chili (Chinese: 海南黄灯笼椒 Pinyin:hǎi nán huáng dēng lóng jiāo), also known as the Yellow Emperor Chili (Chinese: 黄帝椒 Pinyin:huáng dì jiāo) is a member of the Capsicum chinense species of chili peppers that grows only in the southwest and southeast of Hainan Island off the coast of Southern China.[1]

Description and use

This hot chili[citation needed] matures to a bright yellow colour and is approximately 5 centimetres (2.0 in) long and 3.12 centimetres (1.23 in).[2] Most Hainan Yellow Lantern Chilli is processed into hot sauce.[3]


In 2009, the Tropical Vegetable Research Centre of the Chinese Tropical Agriculture Institute (中国热带农业科学院热带蔬菜研究中心 zhōng guó rè dài nóng yè kē xué yuàn rè dài shū cài yán jiù zhōng xīn) announced the breeding of a new cultivar of Hainan Yellow Lantern Chili which produces ten times more than the original variety.[4] This has increased output per Chinese Acre (mu) from 250 kilograms (550 lb) to 2,500 kilograms (5,500 lb).

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