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The Haralson is a cultivar of apple that is medium-sized and has a round-conic shape. It has a red color and large, moderately conspicuous dots. Haralson apples are crisp and juicy, having a tart flavor. They are good for eating, cooking, and are an excellent choice for pies. The skin is medium-tough, and the stem is medium.

The Haralson apple was introduced by the Minnesota Horticulture Research Center in 1922. It is named after Charles Haralson, superintendent of the University of Minnesota Fruit Breeding Farm.

The Haralson’s parentage is Malinda open pollinated. DNA testing has shown that Wealthy is the likely pollen parent.[1] The tree is hardy and vigorous, but relatively small. It has a strongly developed central leader and wide-angled lateral branches.

The flowers bloom late, and the fruit ripens in early October.

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