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Pisang Awak is an edible banana cultivar belonging to the AABB banana cultivar group. This cultivar is grown world wide.


‘Pisang Awak’ is also known in Australia as ‘Ducasse’ and ‘Kayinja’ in Uganda.[1][2] The Malaysian name pisang awak is more commonly used among research institutions.[3][4] In Thailand it is known as kluai nam wa (Thai:กล้วยน้ำว้า, IPA: [kluːəj nam waː]).[5] The term nam wa has crossed over into the Khmer language where the banana is known in Cambodia as chek nam va (Khmer: ចេកណាំវ៉ា)[6][7]. This banana variety has multiple romanizations including ‘Namwah Tall’ (with a superfluous ‘h’).

As a stout mutation, ‘Dwarf Pisang Awak’ is known in America as ‘Dwarf Namwah’[8] as popularized by Agristarts[9]; And in Thai as kluai nam wa khom (Thai: กล้วยน้ำว้าค่อม).[10][11]


‘Pisang Awak’ is a cross between Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. It previously belonged to the triploid banana cultivar group ABB and was reclassified to the tetraploid group AABB.[12] Synonyms include: Musa paradisiaca var. awak[13]


It is known to produce seed with the availability of fertile pollen.[14]


‘Pisang Awak’ (known locally as kayinja) is grown in Uganda for making banana beer.[2]

In Cambodia, ‘Pisang Awak’ (known locally as chek nam va) is favored over varieties for its multiple uses while other varieties are valued for the fruit.[15] The banana blossoms (at the stage of male flower production) and pseudostem, although astringent, are eaten as a vegetable. The leaves used as a wrap for cooking food such as amok and ansom chek in which the fragrance of the banana leaves is transferred to the food being cooked.[15][16]

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