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Ribes amarum is a species of currant known by the common name Bitter gooseberry. It is endemic to California, where it is known from mountains, foothills, and canyons in the central and southwestern parts of the state. Its habitat includes chaparral.


Ribes amarum is a shrub growing to one to two meters in maximum height. Nodes along the stem each bear three spines up to a centimeter in length. The hairy, glandular leaves are 2 to 4 centimeters long and generally rounded in shape, divided into three to five rounded toothed lobes.

The inflorescence is a solitary flower or raceme of up to three flowers which hang from leaf axils. The showy flower has five pointed sepals in shades of purple-red which are reflexed upward. At the center is a tubular corolla of white or pink-tinged petals around five stamens and two styles. The fruit is a bristly berry up to 2 centimeters wide which is bright red, ripening purple.

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