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Ribes viburnifolium, is known by the common names Evergreen currant and Island gooseberry.


Ribes viburnifolium is found in Southern California in the United States, especially on Santa Catalina Island in the Channel Islands, and into northern Baja California in Mexico. It is a rare member of the California coastal sage and chaparral plant community. ‘Evergreen currant’ has become a popular plant in drought-tolerant gardens.


Ribes viburnifolium grows low to the ground, extending long reddish stems horizontally. The leaves are dark green and shiny on their top surfaces, and lighter green or yellowish and leathery on the undersides. The leaves have glands which exude a sticky, citrus-scented sap.

Clusters of deep red flowers bloom in late winter and into early spring. The plant yields small red fruits later in the spring.

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