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Malus domestica White Transparent (also known as Yellow Transparent in the USA) is a cultivar of apple which is usually used for cooking due to its sharp taste.


The cultivar was widely grown during the 19th Century in Europe. It was introduced to North America in 1870 where it was grown commercially as an early dual purpose variety and picked up the name ‘Yellow Transparent’. The specimen is still widely grown in Russia and Sweden. The cultivar was significant because it was an early–spring famine food in the North and Eastern Europe. The cultivar produces fruit very early. Because of its harsh flavour and hard texture, the apples were often baked in ashes.


The tree is very hardy and the fruit has a good resistance to scabs, but is at risk of developing canker caused by the Nectria fungi and fireblight. The tree is known to be a good and regular cropper of a medium sized fruit, which has a very pale green skin which is almost luminescent in colour and has a white flesh, that is very juicy and has a sharp, refreshing taste.[1]


The Fruit is a good for cooking into a cream coloured puree. However, the fruit bruises easily and goes soft soon after picking.

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